Rumours of new album ?
UK national tour 2015 ?

Hmmm.. watch this space ..


This Saturday 16th, I will be playing Hammond Sk2 Organ with the amazing Terri Shaltiel Band.

Hope u can join us :)- starts 9.30pm . Cheers Malc

We will be playing at Matt and Phreds Jazz Club, Manchester

funk/jazz/raregroove/blues/reggae with a nice little line-up:

Terri Shaltiel vox (guitar)
Clinton McFarlane - Bass 
Marc Layton-Bennett - Drums 
Edward Toots Kainyek- Saxophone
Steve Fraser- guitar

If you can't make this show we are playing the legendary SMOKESTACK club in Leeds the following Wed 20th Aug


The next live show scheduled at the moment will be at the very Vibey - Funky and Hot Matt and Phreds Club in Manchester Friday 24th Jan 2014 3 x sets from 9.30pm till around 1am with the Terri Shaltiel band featuring Myke Wilson - Drums, Ben Barker - Guitar, Athol Ransome - Sax,  Hamlet Luton -Bass, little ol me on Hot Hammond organ and other keys.

Other than that I am working on new material for 2014 shows.

There maybe more live work before the 24th Jan and if it comes off and gets confirmed will post the details here..



Not so much live work before the end of the year

But lots of stuff happening in the studio.

New Projects

New Feel

New Vibe

also ...

Thanks to all who nominated me for this ....

Live Shows with the Terri Shaltiel Band

This coming weekend I will be once again providing the Hammond Element in the incredible Terri Shaltiel Band.

Saturday night 24th Aug we ail be at 'Matt and Phreds' in Manchester (
Sunday night 25th Aug we play "SMOKESTACK" in Leeds.

Awesome line up as usual:

The stunningly talented Terri Shaltiel - Vocals / Guitar
Clinton McFarlane - Bass
Ben Barker - Guitar
Steven Fraser Guitar
Myke Wilson - Drums
Leroy Johnson - Percussion
Malc Deakin - Hammond Organ / Sk2
Plus guest Horn's ?

Catch up .. May 2012

Not much to write about at the moment except ..

The Sk2 and Sk1 have really changed the way I approach gigs and studio sessions.
They will never take the place of the B-3 but for a 2 manual real Hammond that fits under your arm the compromise is well worth its few shortcomings.

Like I mentioned I will continue to love and use the New B -3 for major shows and hopefully should be on the road fr a few gigs quite soon.

I am currently negotiating various offers from overseas so will keep you posted.

Had a great Frankfurt MusikMesse performing in the Hammond Demo both as their official artiste once again.
This time had the company of another musician 'Erwin Heutink' so it was great to split the sets between us in our quite different styles of Hammond playing.

I did a few prop shows for hammond UK the other weekend which went great, mainly focusing on the Sk's so thanks to all I met during that roadshow.

Other than that, I am working hard in my spare time writing and composing some of my own material and project work which hopefully I will complete by late summer and maybe do a couple of live shows to launch it along side some downloadable audio and video.

Cheers for now.. Malc


TV interview from Polish Tour

This was a TV interview in the dressing room after the gig.

I think we may get footage of the concert soon


Back to business

I am now back in business after the long forced summer break

Currently starting to talk with promoters and Hammond about gigs etc.

I am also hoping to arrange a SK Stage Keyboard Demo Day.

We will take an in depth look at the new keyboards and I will pass on a few tips and tricks into the bargain.

I am pretty sure that you will be amazed at what the SK1 and SK2 can do in any scenario, home, studio, stage , part of a MIDI set up etc.

Most of the stuff you have seen on YouTube etc only scratches the surface.
Yes it is ideal for Hammond players wanting to add lightweight 'real Hammond' to the keyboard arsenal but it can offer much more than this.
Come along and find out for yourself.

Before I do this I REALLY NEED SOME FEEDBACK from those of you who would like to attend.
Once I have a rough idea of the interest I can arrange the venue and dats(s)


Back from Poland

Hello ...

Now back home after the 10 day tour of Poland and it was GREAT

My hand help up 'sort of OK' and only needed to use the splint after a long rehearsal and sound check.

The experience was fantastic and I met many nice people and great musicians during the 10 days.


The Hammond SK2 and SK 1 performed impeccably at all the gigs and sounded very good indeed.
The main show in Warsaw was at a Palace just outside the city and was a great experience even though the hall had a natural 7 second reflection !!! Not so good for tight punchy phrasing but it was fine on the day.

Pałac w Drwalewie

Massive thank you to the band of incredible and talented musicians.. you are the best.
Pawel Dobrowolski 'Drums'
Krzysztof Scieranski
Piotr Świerzbiński
and Jola Lis who provided fantastic vocals on a couple of numbers.

Hamond SK2  - Malc Deakin

After the show I was presented with an engraved Polish Eagle by the beautiful Fashion Designer Nina Nowak and her husband Jack .. truly honoured.

This was a great experience for me and the venue, audience, band, crew were all brilliant.

Even the sun shone all the way through my tour making a very nice 25C temprature :)

Next stop was the prestigious Blue Note Jazz Club in Poznan.

I am very excited to have played a Blue Note venue.

Big thank you to the band:
Wojtek Świeca - guitar
Bartek Krawczak - drums
Damian Kostka - bass

Different band for this show and this is a very 'Cool Club' Lots of history here and many of the worlds greatest musicians have appeared on this stage.

I decided to use the SK2 instead of the B-3 .. brave I know but it worked a treat and was very well accepted by the audience (:Hammond SK2  Blue Note Jazz Poznan

This young man is called Jacob Mazurka and he came to one of the promo shows with his father who happens to be a very cool Hammond Player
After the show.. Jacob sat down at a drum kit on the stage and started to groove out with his dad. AWESOME duo. Jacob is only 13years I believe but already has a serious amount of soul and groove in his drumming. Great to meet you both and hopefully see you again soon.
Jacob Mazurka

After Poznan I did 3 SK promotions in WROCLAW - GLWICE - KILCE and would like to say a big thank you to all who came along to see me and promise to return soon.

In fact i am looking into options for maybe recording in Poland in the near future .. watch this space.


I am back ... (: and off to Poland

Hello .. been a long time.

many many thanks to all of you who have been sending me messages of support and good wishes.

Think I am back now.
Good news is that the wrist is doing well.
Still gets a bit swollen after playing a long session but it is getting there I reckon.

Next week I am on my first gig since the accident back in April.
Off to Poland and kick off the tour on Sunday at the very grand Pałac w Drwalewie in Warsaw then on Tuesday to the Blue Note Jazz Club in Pozan the gigs in Wroclaw Wed, Gliwice, Thurs and finish off in Kieice on Friday.

Cant wait to get back into it.
I have a fantastic Polish band:
Pawel Dobrowolski 'Drums'
Krzysztof Scieranski 'Bass'
Świerzbiński `Guitar'
and hopeful gust appearances from
Kuba Raczyński 'Saxaphone' + maybe some other special guests ?

These guys are the best and recently have been seen with the likes of Nigel Kennedy, Jeff Beck + many more.

I have decided to give the New Hammond SK2 and SK1 an official airing at all of the gigs except the Blue note Club where the New B-3 and a couple of 122's will be the weapon of my choice .. well Blue Note Club gigs = B-3's right ?
Will write more soon and report on my return.

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